G.T User Registration Agreement

Welcome to http://hk.goldtransmit.cn, thanks for signing "G.T User Agreement" (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") with Gold Transmist Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as G.T) and using G.T platform service system.

Please read the agreement carefully before you sigh it, and make sure you fully understand the terms, especially the exemption or limitation of liability clauses, applicable law and dispute resolution clauses, exemption or limitation of liability clauses will be in bold and underlined. If you have any question about the agreement, please contact the customer service.

when you fill in the information and complete the registration process, it indicates that you have fully read, understand and accept all the contents of this agreement, and become a user of "G.T Business System”. If you do not agree to this agreement or any clause inside, stop the registration process immediately.

Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian while using the website.

This website is a part of “G.T Business System”, which is the platform to process the return of G.T consumption points. This website follow the return plan and rules of the G.T Mall System.

Relevant service content and guidelines are clearly defined by the documentation of the system platform.

The platform itself does not operate any traditional commodity business, only to provide a fair and win-win service to benefit members. The sellers and buyers shall make their own judgment and take responsibility for the authenticity and legality of the business.

G.T does not guarantee that the description of products and services on the platform is accurate, complete, reliable, or latest.

If the product does not comply with the description, you can return it(un-used) back by negotiating with the seller. If negotiations fails, you have the right to handle it in other legal ways.

1, Definition

G.T: It’s short name for Gold Transmist Network Technology Co., Ltd, which is the operator and owner of website.

“G.T Business System”: It is a system platform and tool, which is used to return consumption points. Also it is a software owned by G.T, G.T has the proprietary intellectual property rights.

G.T Shopping Mall: the third-party e-commerce platform operated by G.T.

Return of consumption points: a certain proportion of the consumption amount can be returned by consumption points, the points can be converted to G.T gold coin and can be withdrawn directly from the platform under the system rules.

Entrepreneurship Sharing gold: refers to G.T takes 16% of the amount of each transaction, and make a record in both sellers and consumers account in the form of the points with a certain percentage, and return to consumers and businesses under the return rules.

Points: the points is the weight reference of the business sharing gold. The points can be converted to gold coin (1 gold coin = 1 Rupee) under the rules, and the gold coin can be used to withdraw directly on the platform.

G.T is developing under the new normal of economic development, its aim is to create new industry growth point, to create conditions for the masses entrepreneurship and innovation, to provide support to industry intelligence, and to add impetus to economic development. We will provide a better platform for consumer investment and entrepreneurship. The G.T Shopping Mall website is a platform for members to register, manage, and settle accounts, buy and sell, and start businesses. G.T has the right to link or merge relevant platforms, websites, and pages in accordance with system planning and common interests to meet the needs of market.

2, System Rules

1)Member registration

The G.T business system is an integrated and innovative third-party service platform. Being a member of the G.T mall system is a prerequisite for you to use the platform. Members at different levels have different rights and obligations. The system will give you the corresponding rights and obligations according to the membership level you choose. Your rights and obligations are subject to the relevant rules and regulations issued by the system.

2)Main source of points

a)The amount of each consumption on the platform shall be recorded in the member's account in the form of the corresponding points.

b)The platform usage fee paid by alliance merchants, which is 16% of transaction on the platform, is also recorded on the merchant member account in the form of points.

3)Return mechanism

The total amount of points of the day in member’s account will be the reference for system. 500 points is used as a metering unit to process the conversion of gold coins, less than one unit can not participate in the conversion.

According to the overall operation and consumption, and other comprehensive factors, the system calculate the daily rate of return (about five over ten thousand, can be floated on this basis) based on the actual intraday turnover+ pridian balance summary and assignment weight rate of all points,and convert points to gold coins, the coins can be used to consume or withdraw after exchange (less than 500 rupees cannot withdrawal, withdrawal charge a service fee of 13%).

4) Source of property return

According to the agreement, 16% of the amount of each transaction should be paid to G.T as “Platform usage fee”, and will be recorded to merchant account in the form of the points with a certain percentage.

In other malls, "platform usage fee" should be the profits for investors (or shareholders). But G.T actively contributes the profits as a business revenue and funds, and defines it as "entrepreneurship sharing" for consumption return. G.T reduce "platform usage fee," support and guarantee the normal operation of platform by other value-added benefits, such as advertising, big data, cash flow, brand value, etc.

5)Return and use of points

Through online consumption, members change the consumption behavior into an investment behavior and entrepreneurial behavior, and convert the consumption into consumption capital.

You can obtain a certain percentage of the return points under the rules. Under the "Benefit customers, promote sales" win-win principle, platforms charge merchants profits and feedback to members, specific feedback rules are provided in accordance with the corresponding rules of the system.

Members participating in the system entrepreneurial plan will receive the corresponding rewards under the system entrepreneurial cooperation rules, which will be the rights of the members.

Once again, the platform clearly confirms that the system is subject to the rules established in this agreement, such as consumption return and the entrepreneurship reward. The system does not and will not pay any extra money. The value of the G.T Shopping Mall platform is the result of participation of all members. G.T provides a platform to help all entrepreneurship members obtain income and return points.

Return system is under operation according to the rules, the return rate depends entirely on system transactions and member participation. The platform does not guarantee the amount of points conversion of every day, also can't guarantee how long it will take to convert all points to gold coins. Please be cautious of shopping, rational shopping, on-demand consumption. The system rules firmly forbid false trading and speculative investment, and also please pay attention to the information released daily by the system. Such as collusion between members complicity in fictitious transactions, is testified, G.T system shall have the right to cancel all illegal points, and also have the right to take back the money that members have withdrawn from the system through illegal conversion points. When necessary, the system can cancel or freeze the member's account.

6) Platform rules

G.T platform provides you with marketing and promotional tools, while enjoying the rights and interests that G.T platform gives, you should agree with business concept and business value of G.T business systems, and follow the rules G.T platform system. Any violation of rules, thereby causing loss of a third party or G.T platform, G.T has the right to deal with violations.

The rules of the platform comply with the relevant laws and regulations of the state and are designed to safeguard the public interest of the platform. There are four major parts:

a)"Members", includes "members", "registration, account setting and management", "member's entrepreneurial allocation" and " Startup Partnership Agreement "

b)“The General System”, includes “G.T Shopping Mall System”, “G.T Points Return Business Model”, “G.T Points Return Rules and System” and “G.T Alliance, Chamber of Commerce, the Company's Concept, Definition, Composition, Responsibilities, etc ”.

c)“Alliance”, includes “the qualifications, conditions, rights& obligations of the Alliance”, “Alliance Points Cost and Interest Level”, and “Alliance Honor Code”.

d)“Agent”, includes: “Agent Level Rules”, “Agent Ownership and Affiliation” and “Agent Qualification, Condition, Interest”, etc.

The right of interpretation and modification of the above rules is reserved by G.T. The modification will be performed on the website of the G.T. Shopping Mall system (http://hk.goldtransmit.cn ). During publicity period, if any big impact on the interests of most users is found, the consultation process will be initiated immediately. After public comment period, the content of the revised rules shall be effective. If the revised content is not comply with your wishes, please exit the website in time.

The above requirements are only for your participation in the system. Members shall, according to the requirements of national laws and regulations, handle the various qualifications, licenses, and ensure that relevant conditions are matched. If any problem arises, the member shall be responsible for it.

3, Your Account

a)After becoming a member, you will have an independent account. Account is the basis of your interest and settlement on this platform. You should provide your information (including your valid certificate, name, email, phone number, address, etc.), so that G.T or other users to contact you. You need to understand and agree that you are obligated to maintain the authenticity and validity of your information.

b)One user only can have one G.T platform account. If there is evidence to prove that you have inappropriate registeration or use of multiple G.T platform accounts, G.T will freeze or close account, cancel the order and refuse to provide services. Any loss casued by above behavior to G.T orrelated party, you also should bear the liability for compensation.

c)Never share your username and password with anyone. G.T will not ask you to provide your account information. Therefore, we suggest you take care of your account and ensure that you log out and leave the G.T platform in the right way. If you find any unauthorized use of your account or any other circumstances that may cause your account to be stolen or lost, please inform G.T immediately, and we will take immediate action. Please be noted it takes time for G.T to solve problems. In addition to the fault of G.T, G.T takes no responsibility for the consequences already occurred before notification from users. You are responsible for the losses and consequences caused by your disclosure or other reasons like be attacked and defrauded, etc. In addition to the fault of platform, you are responsible for all actions in your account (including but not limited to signing agreement, release information, purchase goods and services and the disclosure of information, etc.).

4, Platform services and specifications

a)Members shall abide by the laws and regulations in their operations and shall conduct management and provide services in accordance with this agreement. The products and services should be provided in the form of words, pictures, videos, audios and other forms to ensure the accuracy of relevant information. The price, specifications, technical parameters and service rules of the product must be shown on the website. The sellers shall timely update relevant information or notices on this website and relevant channels of the system when the product changes. G.T has the right to require members to update the necessary information of the product.Any problem casued by product information, the responsibility shall be taken by the seller. The Platform shall not be responsible for supervision.

b) Customers and sellers can communicate with each other directly if found products and orders have errors or out of stock, the two sides determine the solution. Please refer to the regulations of seller if delivery fee incurred, the cost varies according to the merchants and delivery methods you choose.

c) When you purchase goods or services, please be sure to dentify the price, quantity, type, specification, size or service time, content, restrictive requirements and other important issues, and verify your information such as address, telephone, consignee. If the consignee you filled in is not your own, the legal consequences of the consignee's behavior are borne by you.

d) After confirmed your order, any price changes caused by the seller, or caused by website mistakes, you have the right to cancel your order, and hope you can use online consulting such as telephone, email or other ways to inform our customer service center and the seller.

e) The Sellers and the G.T mall system reserve the right to limit the number of order of customers when necessary. At the same time, you also acknowledge that you have the right and ability to purchase products, and you are responsible for the authenticity of all the information you provide in the order.

f) If the item you ordered is out of stock, you have the right to cancel the order.

g) The G.T mall system requires the seller deliver the product to the address you specify under a good service standard and. All delivery time listed on the website is for your reference, If you are dissatisfied with the deivery, you have the right to make a complaint.

5, Limitation of liability

(1), G.T guarantee obligations in accordance with the law, but for the following reasons lead to performance obstacles of the contract, performance defect,performance delay, and performance content modification, G.T shall not bear the liability for the breach of contract.

A, Force majeure factors such as natural disaster, strike, riot, war, government policy, and judicial executive order, etc.

B, Due to power supply failure, communication network failure and other public service factors or third party factors.

C, Due to routine or emergency equipment and system maintenance, equipment and system failures, network information and data security, etc.

(2), G.T only provides platform services. G.T cannot review every information of goods and/or services, unable to review goods and/or service quality, safety and legality, authenticity, accuracy, you need to be conscious and cautious about those.

(3), G.T does not guarantee the information contained in this website, content, materials (including software), product or service unless there is written formal explanation.

(4), G.T does not guarantee that email or information sent through its servers are virus-fee or spam.

(5), You understand and agree that in the dispute mediation service, the customer service of the G.T platform and the public reviewer are not professionals, they can only judge the credentials submitted by users with the knowledge of ordinary people. Therefore, in addition to intentional or gross negligence, the mediation party take no responsiblity for decision.

6, Taxation

(1) Paying taxes according to law is the duty of every citizen and enterprise. You should pay tax to the tax authorities in a timely and full way on any benefit received through this platform.

(2) According to the result of our communication with the tax authorities, in order to facilitate members to pay tax, the system will withhold 10% taxable payments in the withdrawal period, and pay tax.

(3) if the authority adjust tax and tax rates, result in the above rate is not applicable, G.T has the right to adjust the related tax rate and way to pay according to the actual situation.

7, Change the Agreement

G.T can modify this agreement and supplementary agreement from time to time to protect the rights and interests of consumers according to the laws and regulations of the state.

If any of this clause is deemed to be repealed, invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the validity and enforceability of other remaining clauses shall not be affected.

The revised agreement and supplementary agreement (hereinafter referred to as " Amendments ") shall take effect upon the release on the website.

8, Termination of Agreement


1) You have the right to terminate this agreement in any of the following ways:

a) Cancel your account through the self-service of the website under the rules of cancellation of the account of the G.T website;

b) Cease to use and express your unwillingness to accept the change before it takes effect.

c) Refuse to continue using the G.T platform and meet the termination conditions of G.T.

2) In the event of the following circumstances, G.T may terminate this agreement with following notice:

a) If you violate this agreement, G.T terminates this agreement by default clause;

b) If you steal others account, release prohibited information, defraud others, sell fakes or disrupt the market order, and get profit with unfair means, or the account has been sealed.

c) In addition to the above circumstances, if you violate the G.T platform rules seriously, or the account has been sealed.

d) Your account is taken back by G.T according to this agreement;

e) You have the behavior of fraud, selling fake or infringing goods, infringing others ' legal rights or other serious violations against law.

f) Other situations where services shall be terminated.

Processing after termination of the agreement

1) After the termination of this agreement, except the explicit provisions of the law, G.T is not obligated to provide any information in your account to you or any third party you appoint.

2) After the termination of this agreement, G.T shall enjoy the following rights:

a) continue to preserve the information that you have retained on the G.T platform;

b) for your past violations, G.T has the rights to hold you responsible for violation of the agreement.

3) After the termination of this agreement, G.T shall notify the other party and determine whether or not to terminate the order already incurred. If the other party demands the processing of the incurred order, then you shall be liable for any loss or other fees.

9, Applicable law and jurisdiction

1)the agreement between you and G.T shopping mall will apply to PKRistan. All disputes and litigation will be under the jurisdiction of the people's court where G.T is located.

2)In the event that you have infringed or threatened the intellectual property rights of the system in any way, the G.T has the right to seek an injunction or other appropriate judicial intervention in the jurisdiction of the state. In addition, any dispute regarding your visit to the website or online purchase of products should access to court.

10, Power of Interpretation

Gold Transmit Network Technology Co., Ltd reserves the right of final interpretation of this agreement.